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Meet some of the Noosa Tri Club members….

Member profile – GRANT SYMES

What I love about the club,

So well organised,


All abilities are welcome, and accommodated for,

Terrific social involvement ,

The club races, and scones afterwards,


The personal challenge,

The mate ship,

The terrific options of travelling, Huge variety of races, and distances, All the “toys”, It’s a sport that all ages can enjoy,

posted November 2013

Member profile – ANNIE ALFORD

Hi, my name is Annie Alford & I am a 31 year old triathlete from Gympie! I took up triathlon about 18 months ago with the encouragement of a work colleague & to get fit after the birth of my daughter. The sport of triathlon is both challenging and satisfying, which is why I love it so much. As all age-group competitors will attest, the discipline required to complete a rigorous training and racing schedule in amongst managing life as a wife, mother to 2 young kids & work commitments is enormous and part of the challenge that is triathlon.

My motivation to get out of bed and train in the mornings is two-fold, I hope that I am setting a good example for my kids as they grow up in a healthy & active family lifestyle, and I love to set goals, then get out and try my best to achieve those goals!

The highlights in the last 18 months have been numerous. Up there with them is my race at Noosa Tri last year for 2nd place (by a mere 1 second!!) which surpassed all my expectations for race day. In addition to this my selection in the Australian team to compete in the recent World Championships (OD) in London was an honour & I enjoyed every minute!

posted December 2013

Member profile – STEVE W

My first triathlon was at Kurnell NSW in January, 2009. Sprint distance and I wore my old surfing wetsuit. I’d only just purchased my first road bike a couple of weeks earlier and was keen to see what this triathlon business was all about. I came 7th in my age group with a time of 1.15. A guy by the name of John Hill won my age group with a time of 1.01. I did a couple more tri’s that year however surfing still took up most of my time. In February 2010 I returned to the Kurnell tri to contest the NSW AG sprint championships race, I came 3rd. Later that year we moved to Noosa and I joined the Noosa Tri Club. I enjoy the camaraderie and the competitiveness that the Noosa Tri Club offers.

Where else can you have a Sunday afternoon swim with current and past World & Olympic champions! Got to love this place! Favourite saying: ‘Enjoy The Day’. Most frequent word heard from family and friends at races: ‘FOCUS!’

posted August 2013

Member profile – INDIANA VOSS

Age: 14

Place Of Birth: Burnie, Tasmania

Current Address: Mooloolaba

Family: Mum (Nicola), Dad (Justin), 2 younger sisters (Mackenzie and Jakarta)

Occupation: Full Time student, Part time triathlete, Part time real estate agent working for Dad

Favourite Food: Chocolate. But only in large amounts!

Favourite desert: Chocolate Icecream

Favourite Colour: Chocolate

Favourite Leg of a race: Transition. (I have some chocolate before leaving T2)

Favourite Training Session: Long run. Good excuse to have some chocolate

Favourite Song: Your So Vein (By Chocolate Starfish of course)

Favourite Race: The Noosa Tri. (I have only done the teams event here, but I have done seven Superkidz at Noosa from (2005 – 12), and I ate lots of chocolate at the Endura stand at the expo.

Funniest race story: Riding 6k in a Noosa Club race with my feet out of cycle shoes because I couldn’t get them in my shoes

15 Seconds of Fame: Spending time in the VIP tent with Emma Snowsill prior to the start of the 2009 Mooloolaba tri after I lost Dad at his finish line. He walked home and I walked to the Help desk and ended up sitting with Emma in the VIP tent. We ate some chocolate together.

2013/14 goals: Race more, train more, have more fun……and eat more chocolate!

posted August 2013

Member profile  –  TYLER JAMES CLARKE

I’m 17 and currently in grade 12 at Noosa District State High School. I have been working at MacDonald’s for around 2 ½ years. My plans for next year are to work on getting my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness because I’m aspiring to be a personal trainer. I’m a member of the Noosa surf lifesaving club and have my bronze medallion and I have just finished my second season of patrols. I have played 7 years of soccer then switched to rugby league and have been playing for 5 years now and currently I play for the Noosa Pirates under 18’s. I have represented the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay in rugby league and have just recently made it as far as the Secondary School Queensland State Championship for the 50m freestyle. I have recently finished my first triathlon this year down at Byron Bay (and yes I smashed Dad’s time (Anton)) and I loved it and the rumours are true I’ve caught the tri bug and have signed up to do the one in Kingscliff later this year. My hobbies are surfing and wakeboarding. Currently my favourite artist is Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis (old people may not know them so let’s hope you do).

posted June 2013

Member profile  –  TANYA SHELTON

My fitness journey began 3 years ago when I weighed 18kgs heavier and thought Ironman was the latest Robert Downey Jnr Movie. In 2012 my sister, Mel who lives in Noosa encouraged me to sign up to do the Noosa Triathlon with her.  We started with the Noosa Women’s Triathlon Camp run by Noosa Tri Camps and learnt so much from Nick and Jess. It was from there that I joined Noosa Triathlon Club where I have tried transition training, swim squads, Ying Yang runs, Sunday swims and Cranky rides all of which I love. I have met wonderful people along the way who offer loads of support and inspiration. Mel and I have registered for our first 70.3 in September so I will be visiting as much as possible even if just to keep an eye on her training. I am still a tourist from the Gold Coast but hopefully one day I will be able to call Noosa home.

posted June 2013

Member profile – ANGELIKA HANNON

Have ya gotya 100 words…..anyone  ever told you are a nag Mark P. Ok – here it is – ‘My thoughts’ Why is it the alarm goes off at 4.00 am  – I think of every excuse for the race to be cancelled – snow storm, cyclone, oil spill – so I can stay under my doona. But  I think to myself ‘done the training ‘ get up’. Start the swim – nerves well and truly set in – Why am I doing this??? Want to throw up – exit swim – that wasn’t so bad!!!! Cruising along on the bike – this is great – no its not – yes it is only the run to go!! Start the run – why am I doing this – thinking of excuses to end the day – how come she has shorter legs and can run way faster! Half way. ‘Not too bad’ – having a great time – high five to a little person – I’m so lucky – this crowd is amazing – so encouraging – I hear from the crowd – ‘Looking good Angelika – not far to go’ FINISH   – FANTASTIC. Debrief a few hours later over a Peroni or two – how good was that – lets do Noosa – lets do Singapore half – what about Katherine Ultra Challenge – lets do Geelong half – lets ride 1000km – lets do Melbourne Ironman and guess what that same middle aged woman is now about to endeavor that very challenge with the guidance and encouragement  of her wonderful coach Jess – her very first IRONMAN! And that’s triathlon for me – I have no great time to brag but have had the best time . The sport takes you way out of your comfort zone, you meet and hear the most amazing stories. Travel and consider going to places you have been never been. Finally it’s a great way of meeting like minded people , staying fit , healthy and happy.

‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go ‘


posted March 2013

Member profile – CASSIE BARNES

I just recently moved here to the beautiful Noosa just over 1 year ago, and have enjoyed everyday of it. I am currently 14 nearly 15, and started to get involved in triathlons at the age of seven and won the first race I ever competed in (on a girls bike with a basket and flowers). Ever since then, triathlon has been my sport that I enjoy. I love triathlon because of the independence it incorporates and because of the fun I have training and competing. Before I moved to Noosa I used to live in Forster, NSW and train with Mario Schumacher. Now I train with Kim Beckinsale and Nick Croft, which are both fantastic as well as 100% supportive.

posted March 2013

Member profile  –  DAVID “DEATH WISH” ROYLE

David Royle took up the sport of Triathlon in 1989 and competed in his first Noosa Triathlon in 1990.  In the 1990’s work took him to live in Latin America and later to Boulder, Colorado.

During that time Dave continued to train and compete whenever work and travel allowed. After returning to Australia in 2000 Dave’s training and competing activities were halted for several years due to knee ligament issues.

In 2008 Viv and Dave moved from Brisbane to Noosa because of the great weather, beaches and beautiful hinterland and the opportunity to have a healthy active outdoor lifestyle. Motivation for recommencing training and joining Noosa Tri Club in 20011 came from watching the multiple of athletes going about their business in the Noosa area. In addition Dave wanted to join likeminded people to train with and enjoy the social aspects of an active club.

posted February 2013

Member Profile  –  STEVE DONOGHUE


How lucky am I, living in the best part of Australia and sharing this place with a group of like-minded folk at the Noosa tri Club.

I am not a full on athlete so I am very pleased I still find a place to fit in, I enjoy volunteering for club events as this gives me a good chance to enjoy the event without feeling the pain !

The best event for me is the Wednesday morning run through the Noosa National Park, a great chance to touch base with nature and exchange a few tall tales, it’s a great mix of people so the less fit don’t get left out. Mind I do enjoy the beer at Halse Lodge after the Friday evening run.

As you might guess the club is building a very social base so if you like keeping fit and enjoy muti sports jump on board.

posted February 2013

Member Profile – MELINDA LUMB

Since moving to the Coast 5 years ago, I’ve been a regular spectator at the Noosa Tri.

Last year I was asked to be part of a team and I was super excited, until the team cancelled.  I was left a spectator again!  So in January I asked my friend Jess Fleming to help me out with a training program and I joined the Noosa Tri Club. I thought I’d bypass the team idea and just do the whole thing myself. Albeit a little naïve, it was the best decision I’ve made.  I love the training, have met some awesome people and achieved my goal.  I’m hooked and look forward to many more events… perhaps even a 70.3 a little further down the track!

posted November 2012

Member Profile  –  MICHAEL KNAUF



I came to be a Noosa Club member after training with Nick’s squad for about 12 months.Having moved up from Brisbane in 2009, and it made sense to join a local club to make the most of the fantastic community spirit that seems to embody Noosa.
We are so lucky to be able to live and train in such a beautiful and peaceful environment.I absolutely love getting out into the hinterland for long rides, and the National Park is a great place to run (when it’s not too crowded).

Favourite swims are Sunday afternoons to the steps of the National Park.

Favourite ride is the loop from Noosa – Eumundi – North Arm – Nambour – Bli Bli – Noosa.

Favourite run is the Tanglewood Track.

Favourite quote 1 – “Only when you know true suffering can you feel pure elation” – unknown.

Favourite quote 2 – “Shut up legs” – Jens Voigt.

Pet peev1 – potholes and debris on the roads.

Pet peev 2 – riders in front not calling potholes and debris on the roads.

The picture attached is finishing my first Noosa Tri since 1998. A long time between drinks!!

posted November 2012

Member Profile  –  TIM ROOK

I entered this year’s Noosa Tri on the first day of registration last year – I’d met up with a mate whowas doing it and thought well if he can…
I trained solo for the year so I had some basic fitness before joining the club 3 weeks out from Noosa.
Completed my first Tri at the weekend, 2hr 45m 07s – I’d set myself 2h 52m based on the age group times. Felt really good. Now I’ve got a bench mark I need to learn to swim properly ’cause Mark says I swim like he runs……

posted November 2012